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"Oh Blogger Where Art Thou?" - Shards of my Sanity Blog

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Sep. 6th, 2009 | 07:25 pm

Yeah, so my blogs asks such a question.  I'm sure it hates me since I got this girlfriend.  So many things have been going on.  I'm not sure I'll cover them all. 

Been hanging with the girlfriend doing couple stuff.  We talk all the time when she's not in town.  she's currently off with her parents traveling until the 26th of September.  So we mostly text or call each other.  I hardly have online time unless its finding recipes or practicing songs on the guitar. 

I've been working hard on the guitar.  I'm thinking of becoming a songwriter or country music artist.  Both Rachael and her eldest sister think I sing great, so who knows?  Songwriting has become my biggest source of writing lately.  I have hardly anytime to do it, and when I start writing one, I get picky about the lyrics.  I got my copyright papers in so I can get them copyrighted and maybe someday made into songs.  I ordered an acoustic guitar off ebay with a different design than the one I have.  That was I can teach my dad.  Besides, its the design I originally wanted.  Only cost me $36.  I'm also thinking of ordering a mandolin and maybe a fiddle.

I'm awaiting Uncharted 2 to his stores so I can have a new video game.  I'm thinking of playing Dead Space or Uncharted: Drake's fortune tonight or tomorrow.  I miss them.  I have no time to do it, but it's almost winter, so maybe I will have more time soon. 

Been watching Eureka and Warehouse 13 religiously.  I like Leverage, but i hardly get to see it.  I have to catch ALL my shows on their re-run hour. 

I guess that's it. 

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