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Winds of Change Are Blowing Wild and Free

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Jul. 27th, 2009 | 07:14 pm

A lot has happened since my last post.  I've been away for some time because 1.) I'm busy and 2.) I have a girlfriend.  We're working so hard to get a much deserved vacation which starts Wednesday.  My plans involve. . . not much.  I want to buy a guitar and learn to play.  Mostly so I can make my songs singable.  I also want to learn the piano and steel guitar.  I also need to buy my new girlfriend something and I need new clothes.  What else?  I'll figure it out.  I definitely wanna see some movies.  Orphan and The Collector are the top two on my list.

OK, so onto the girlfriend.  We've only been talking for two weeks as of yesterday.  Since Ash and I split, I figured we would never work again.  so I moved on.  I finally have something real.  Though she lives in Tennessee and I live in Mississippi.  We're about two hours apart.  Though they're not far from where I usually go to see movies, it's just that my folks don't want me driving the interstate to go up there.  I have to agree.  I've only been on it a few times in the past with my folks and traffic is horrid.

Her dad is the preacher who has been coming for some time to our church.  When I first saw her, I thought she was pretty, and she thought the same thing about me.  Even her sister tried to get her to talk to me, but she was too shy.  As was I.  Eventually I decided to go on with talking to her.  Though I was still too shy.  One night after church I slipped her my number which I thought no one saw, but her mom did.  We've been talking ever since. My parents hadn't really known until a while later.  Kathleen and I had talked about it, just so I could know what she thought about Rachael.  Our first "official" Sunday was great.  We sat together in church and then went out to eat at Kathleen and Richard's house, who're friends of my parents and mine (i guess).  But between church and there, she slid on over and sat right next to me.  After that, we went to my home, where she hugged me and kissed me.

So we continued talking throughout the next week, planning some time together.  It didn't go quite as planned, because her dad decided to have a talk with me.  So after church, we planned to go to the place where my brother's girlfriend works, but her dad invited us to the only place anyone from our church takes the preacher and his family to.  I know they're tired of it.  I bought Rachael's.  Afterwards, I went to where the preacher was staying, where we had a talk.  Mostly about this being his last daughter to leave the nest and to treat her right and not let her get hurt.  I promised him that I would.  After the talk, Rachael and I went to Wal-Mart where she picked up some clothes, cuz she doesn't want to wear a dress all day.  Then we went back to my place and walked down the road. 

I hate to see her go back to TN every Sunday.  I even told the preacher he should consider being our full time preacher.  It would make things easier.  I'm just glad she's not a blonde.  Brown hair, brown eyes.  Short, chunky.  Yes, I said chunky.  She's pretty.  She plays the piano.  She can sing beautifully.  Oh, and she and I both really care for and like each other.  We have a lot in common with music and movies.  Her parents like me, especially since I stuck around after the talk.  And my parents like her.  So all is good.  The only problem is distance.

This Sunday I plan to take her to the Mexican restaurant.  She's picky about her food, just as I am, but she loves Mexican.  Also, some time I need to cook for her.  I'm good at that, but wonderful with desserts, as she's found out.  A lot of people have discovered that, actually.  I'd like to sit her down this Sunday to Indy 4 or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.    Her dad loves Westerns, so I really need to watch some.  I loved Pale Rider and Butch Cassidy.  Though, there are many Clint Eastwood movies at Wal-Mart.  Reminds me of my granddad, who always watched Westerns with Eastwood or John Wayne.  If it weren't that, it was some kind of sport on his tv. 

So, I guess we'll see how things go.

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