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The thrilling horror

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Jul. 17th, 2009 | 08:41 pm

Well, where do I begin?  My folks went out to dinner with a colleague.  Yes, there are colleagues in the Grass Technician field.  Apparently they went to where Ashlea works.  They got me shrimp, telling her (I think) it was for me.  Apparently she told them to tell me hi and she wants more s'more brownies.  Which I thought about making for the Rachael, the preacher's daughter.  Or mississippi mud cake. . . .  or. . .  i'm hungry for desserts. 

so anyway, onto MORE IMPORTANT issues.  NEW HORROR MOVIE that looks promising.  The Collector.  A man breaks into a home to steal something, but ends up hearing someone scream.  Some killer is inside the house already setting traps to keep the women from escaping.  It looked good, so now the burglar is their only hope.  Kind of ironic. 

another good looking movie is Orphan.  Some decietful little girl moves in with a family and causes trouble.  I dunno which to watch.  maybe both! 
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